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Interstelling (Interactive Storytelling) reimagines the Little Prince as a multisensory interactive storytelling experience. Using the Little Prince as an inspiration to convey a story, Interstelling takes the users through six different visual worlds and soundscapes through creating a shared sound and visual escape. 
The next step of this project is to not only expand to multi-user experience where individuals can control different part of the visual and audio effects but also hope this could be a gateway to create new and boundless worlds for other stories in the future.

Regina Ahn ︎ Video Editing, Music Compose, Background Visuals, Textures

Flora Kim ︎ 3D Modeling

Nicole Wang ︎ 3D Modeling, Music Compose

As users navigate through the space, they are presented with abstract visuals and sounds that are specific to each world. Every time they are introduced to the new world, the visuals and the sounds change accordingly.

With gesture control, the user is able to navigate through the world by hovering their hand over the Leap Motion. While navigating through each world, users are able to trigger a harmonious melody by touching each floating objects.

How it works
All the world was created by using Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Garage Band and Unity. With the addition of Leap Motion, the project became an immersive experience where users can navigate through the world. With VR headset, it makes Interstelling an immersive one player but with projection, it becomes immersive multiplayer experience.

Process phase 1: 
Getting familiar with Leap Motion and Unity. 


Process phase 2:
Building and exploring the world and adding gesture controls to use hand gestures to navigate.

Process phase 3:
Creating music for each world.

Process phase 4:
Creating and adding textures to models.

Process phase 5:
Creating and placing trigger zones.

Process phase 6:
Set up

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