Digital, Packaging
Orrobe is a beauty brand that recently launched in 2023. The brand empowers individuals to embrace their multifaceted selves. It’s not about just spraying the perfume, it’s about wearing it to represent who you are.
This project involved not only the design process but also every little decision making. Starting from making feedback for the scents, participating in the selection of potential launch dates, searching and contacting influencers, creating guidelines for social media campaigns, going on a photoshoot set, working in the factory for the production, brainstroming future prodcts and more.

Social Media and Marketing
Designed the assets for Orrobe’s Instagram and social media ads.


Photography for Magazine
Went on the photoshoot set to direct and oversee the photoshoot concept.

Designed the the homepage, PDP and pop up banners. You can check out the website at www.orrobe.com.
Pop Up Banner

Product Detail Page

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